Casper Civic Chorale

Dear Casper Civic Chorale Community,

Hello fellow singers. Your Casper Civic Choral Board misses you and singing more than words can express. We hope you are safe and remain in good health. My name is Joan Davies and have stepped into the CCC President role as of July 1, 2020. Let me introduce you to the Casper Civic Chorale Board 2020-2021: President: Joan Davies; VP: Zach Becker; Secretary: Tanya Baures; Treasurer: Robin Walter; Past President: Gary Gasser; Member-at-Large: Kimi Winkler; Grants and Donations: Mark Knoll; Publicity Chair: Diane Branson. We are pleased to announce that our new director is Dave Branson. Dave comes to CCC with many years of experience in choral conducting and has been a member of Casper Civic Choral as a member, VP and recent president. You are aware that the latest national data is showing a significant spike in the COVID-19 outbreak, and hot spots have spread to more than 40 states. The U.S. surpasses three million cases of the virus and reports more than 60,000 new cases in a single day. Casper Civic Chorale cannot ignore the potential danger of bringing current and new members back to rehearsals and performances. Our plans for the fall season must adjust to this new reality. Your CCC Board has made the decision to postpone the start of the rehearsal and performance season until January 2021. This difficult decision was made taking into consideration the findings made by local, state and national experts and singing organizations that also have the best interests of the overall health and well-being of the performers in the organizations under their care. Your health and well being is of primary concern. We all miss singing, the emotional and physiological benefits that being together provides and how singing brings us together. But we must listen to the experts that are guiding us through this unstable time. Wyoming Symphony has cancelled their fall season. Broadway has postponed re-opening until January 2021 to keep those involved safe. Your board is working to reopen as soon as is safe for to do so. Even though our rehearsal and performance season is on hold during the fall, your Board is moving forward to make CCC better for the membership when we return. A list of items discussed at the last Board Meeting (July 6th , 2020) is listed below to update you on how the board is moving forward for the good of the membership and to keep Casper Civic Chorale viable and stable during this most unstable of times.

1. Casper Civic Choral will postpone the start of the 2020-2021 until January 2021 due to health concerns of our membership and rising numbers of COVID-19 in the Casper Community. Your health and safety is prime concern. We will continue to assess the recommendations of the CDC, Governor Gordon and the experts at monthly meetings and keep you informed of our actual rehearsal date. Check the CCC Website and CCC Facebook page for updates.

2. The Annual Bear Trap Meet-and-Greet scheduled for August 25th has been has been cancelled due to rising numbers of COVID-19 in the Casper Community and concern for the health and safety of our members.

3. Zach and Tracy are working together to update the CCC Website. The CCC Website and the CCC Facebook page will be our line-of-communication. Please begin looking there in the next few weeks for updated information about CCC during the fall. It will take a few weeks to get information updated. Please be patient.

4. The growing concern about rehearsing at the Lyric due to the acoustic nature of the venue has led us to look for other rehearsal and storage sites. While waiting for rehearsals to begin, we are looking for a more acoustically pleasing place to rehearse. You will be updated on recommendations.

5. We are currently searching for a new accompanist and have been in contact with a few individuals about playing for us. If you know anyone who would consider joining us, just let Joan know (307) 262-9389. Please leave a message.

6. Traveling during the summer has been an exciting time for CCC in the past. COVID-19 has changed the parameters of domestic and international since March. We have no idea where travel (domestic or international) will be in the near or distant future. CCC will not plan a traveling event for 2021. There is a possibility of a Wyoming in-state-combined event with other choirs in 2022. It is difficult to know as Zach stated, “ … that the virus is limiting one more thing.” But know that your Board is continuing to meet, move the Chorale forward, has your health and well-being as top priority and doing all it can to get back to singing together as soon as it is safe for the membership. We will be together again doing what we all love to do: Creating beautiful music in our lives and for our community.

Yours in Music and Community.

The Casper Civic Chorale Board 2020-2021

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