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Soprano Practice Music     

Alto Practice Music  

Tenor Practice Music   

Baritone/Bass Practice Music

The Ground- All Parts

Wonder- All Parts

Hush- All Parts

Soldier- All Parts

Gloria- All Parts

Ching-a-Ring- All Parts

Bare Foot Walks- All Parts

We try to begin practices 10 weeks before each performance with our goal of presenting an EXCELLENT program which means that attendance at each rehearsal in very important. Even if you feel you “know” the music, it is important to be there to learn the nuances in tempo, dynamics, breathing, rhythm etc. so we can truly make MUSIC and not just sing words and pitches. It is a team effort that produces a quality performance. If your schedule changes and you cannot sing with us, please return the music to us immediately!

Thank you,
Casper Civic Chorale Board


Ladies: Long Black Dress from Tuxedo Wholesaler

Dress Order Form

Men: Black tux, black shoes/sox, black bowtie (no western string ties)
white shirt w/wing or standard collar, usually no cologne or scented lotion.